From Lahore With Love Testimonials

“I’m super-chuffed with them!”

– William Dalrymple [via email, upon receiving a batch of complimentary postcards]


“Phenomenal work! For someone like me who loves collecting photographs, it’s a perfect treat. The design and the photography is great! One of those postcards you don’t want to ‘post’, you just want to collect them all!”

Osama Motiwala


“Sonya’s postcards are magical photographic stories of the mundane and everyday. But they’re anything but ordinary. They are small stories from around quaint corners of Lahore – stories of strangers and toys, birds and clowns, and of streets and food. These are stories of Lahore. And this is the Lahore that lives and breathes every day, the Lahore that we all know. The extraordinary city of the beautiful ordinary. Beautiful Work.”

– Nazuk Iftikhar Rao



“I really like Sonya’s idea for these postcards. It’s like bridging this generation to our actual heritage. These lovely postcards might move them from an indoor tech life to the outdoors to visit these beautiful places which are truly our roots.”

– Mohsin Khawar


“I absolutely love Sonya’s postcards. I’ve put them up in my living room and they remind me of the vibrant colors and the sheer alive-ness of lahore. Can’t wait to see more and more!”

– Nausheen Ishtiaq


“These postcards incite such emotion of belonging that is intrinsic to the feeling of this beautiful city. They feather within them the scent of heritage, history, stories, lives and emotions that this rich cultural city is enfolded in. These colors that Sonya has so beautifully chosen to strengthen one’s relation with the city. In these postcards, I don’t just see Lahore. I smell it, in the walls of Wazir Khan Mosque. I feel it, in the tales exchange at Wagah border. I hear it, in the flapping wings of white pigeons. From Lahore with Love is a true story, in every postcard.” 

– Kiran Nazish


“I love these postcards! Just when I thought postcards had gone out of style, Sonya has managed to revive them in an artistic, unique and genuine manner. Lets just say, they have heart! I fell in love all over again with Lahore and lived vicariously through the artists lens for those fleeting yet memorable moments. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.”

– Saman Qureshi 


“Truly, From Lahore With Love. From the day I discovered these postcards to having the immense pleasure of interviewing the eye behind the lens on my show this is one initiative I truly admire. I’ve traveled a lot and have always been fond of postcards, they add a sort of nostalgia, a sense of belonging to all the places you’ve been. Especially Sonya’s postcards because they’re about ‘home’ – all the intricate details about this city that make it a ‘Home’ to all who live or pass by here.”

– Ayesha Mehmood


“Almost all of the From Lahore With Love postcards that I saw were beautiful and evocative and I was surely spoilt for choice! The compositions are quite simple yet they capture Lahore’s life and soul in a way that is hard to describe in words.”

– Mariam Shah


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