From Lahore With Love’s INCREDIBLE Artist Collaboration!

From Lahore With Love is proud to announce a LIMITED EDITION batch of postcards by a brilliant Pakistani artist – Saira Ansari.

Ansari is a writer and an artist, with an interest in art history and critical commentary. She attended the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, Pakistan where she received her BFA painting in 2004, followed by an MA in Visual Arts in 2010. Ansari has been writing on art and culture in print/electronic publications across Pakistan, UAE and Brazil for over ten years. She currently lives in Dubai, where she is working at an art gallery that promotes contemporary Middle Eastern artists and engages with art discourse and book publishing in the region.

Saira Ansari

Saira Ansari

Regarding the inspiration behind Ansari’s From Lahore With Love limited edition postcard collection, she states:

“The Lahore of today is very different from the one that I grew up in the 80s and 90s. However, now and then, I often come across images, texts and sounds that throw me back into the past decades. It is a sentimentality for a time well spent, in a city that is full of cultural wonders. These small scribbles and kitsch-pop images are the briefest of glimpses into that nostalgia trip – and are dedicated to the memory of my mother, who nudged me to the world of art, literature, Sufi poetry and classical dancing.”

Please note: the proceeds from this collaboration will be DONATED towards a charity/institution of the artist’s choice.

“I wanted to give to a reliable Kidney/Urology institution in memory of my mother,” states the artist, “and I believe that SIUT Karachi* is a reliable one.”

*Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant (SIUT) –

The postcards will be available at Liberty Books, Mall of Lahore, by early November, 2014! Check out the postcards here!

A collage of Saira Ansari's limited edition postcards for From Lahore With Love!

A collage of Saira Ansari’s limited edition postcards for From Lahore With Love!